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Ways to Create Change on Campus

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

College is all about finding yourself and here at INTA+ Tutoring we are all about exploring new perspectives as well. Although you may see change as out of grasp, college makes it easier than it seems, and we’re here to help! Here are just a few easy ways to make a positive impact on your campus. 

Find a Cause that Inspires You

No matter what you do the hardest part is always getting started, and making change is no different. With that being said, college is an eye-opening experience where you become aware of many new perspectives, ideas, and hardships you may have not been previously aware of. So: 

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Get Informed

Becoming aware of your cause is probably the most important step, without being informed you will not be able to effectively inform others. Besides your classic google search try reaching out to professors, graduate students, and even your peers on their experience or thoughts on your cause. Even if they disagree with your viewpoints it will be a good learning experience and allow you to have a wider view of what is to come. 

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Build a Team

No matter the size of your school, big or small there is always someone who will get behind your cause if you are passionate about it. Try asking your friends, classmates with similar interest, or even your professors if they know anyone or they themselves would be interested in helping the cause. 

A team having a meeting and using a white board

Set Goals

You are a leader, start acting like it and make goals for your team to follow. Try sitting down with your team and start by creating a list of what needs to be done for overall, sustainable change. Remember to take it one step at a time and start small. By bringing change to your campus it will allow you to grow your movement sustainably. 

Contact Different Student Orgs

Check out your school's student organizations and see if any of their values align with your goal. Many times you will be able to find a club or organization with a similar purpose in mind that you can team with. After all, two minds are better than one.   

Make a Difference

Now is the time! You have done all of your research, gathered a team, and created a game plan, now it is go time. Get out and put your plan into action, this may be the most daunting step but in the end it is so worth it. 

INTA+ Tutoring hopes that its users continue to make sustainable positive change on campus and in their communities. Remember, we are always here to help you get that ‘A+’ along the way. 

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