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Making the Most of your Time: a Guide to Time Management

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Between classes, extracurricular activities, friends, and mental health, time management is essential to having a successful and fun time at college.  Here are INTA+ Tutoring’s tips to help you manage your time without sacrificing your social life. 

scheduling app

Scheduling Apps

Google Calendar is a college student's best friend, with the multi-calendar feature you are able to set up a different calendar for every class making it easy to color code and keep track of your work. If you really want to be a time-management pro, spend an hour at the beginning of every semester adding all of your classes, due dates, and exam dates from the syllabus. By doing this it will allow you to better balance study time and you time throughout the semester. Besides Google Calendar there are many other free apps you can use such as My Study Life, Any Do, and Vantage Calendar all offer similar services with different unique features such as personalization, sticker options, notification reminders, and more. 

*Procrastination pro-tip: try moving the due dates to a few days earlier in your calendar, your professor likely won’t remind you when it is due and since it is that day on your calendar you will complete it earlier instead of waiting to the last minute. 

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An ignored feature, using a timer from your phone or laptop allows you to easily stay on task. While studying distraction is inevitable, by setting a timer for every 15-20 minutes and giving yourself a 2-3 minute break afterward it will a lot you distraction time, making you work more efficiently.